Shelterwood Gardens: Our Story

Shelterwood Gardens is a nursery in the woods and future home of the Shelterwood Artist in Residence program. As a nursery, we specialize in native woodland plants including ephemerals and perennials, ferns and grasses for shade and part sun gardens. We also offer a short list of Old World perennials for sun, part sun, or shade and unique, hardy spring-flowering bulbs available for autumn planting. Hudson Clove garlic bulbs will be available in September for fall planting in your kitchen garden.

The nursery will be open May 15 through October 3, by appointment. We will also be at the Mound Farmers' Market, Saturdays, from May 22nd through June 19, then on August 14, 21, and 28th, September 25, and October 2 for late summer and fall bloomers and planting. You will always be able to speak directly with Frank, native plant enthusiast, gardener and grower, ask questions, and talk plants at the nursery, the market or via email.

Gardening in the woods means making aesthetic choices that are ecologically sound. We continue to clear our old farm woods of buckthorn, garlic mustard, creeping charlie, creeping bellflower, invasive honeysuckle, and several out of bounds ground covers planted over the years. We inventory the species we find, research species that may have grown here, which species could grow here, and which species best serve the wildlife and future woodlands that a changing climate may bring. If you would like to begin creating a more complex ecology in your yard, but are unsure where to begin, please contact Frank via email with your questions or visit us at the Mound Farmers' Market.

The nursery and artist in residence studio are a project of artists Betsy Alwin and Frank Meuschke. Both have active careers and create their artwork on the property. Betsy is also a professor of art and Frank manages the photography education programs at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Both have been recipients of Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grants.

Shelterwood refers to the silviculture system whereby mature trees are maintained for the sake of saplings and overall forest health. The name represents how we manage our woods and how we aim to support artists through our artist in residence program.